Unified API Schema for Integration Development

Integrate with every Sales, Accounting, and E-Commerce platform using the same data model.

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Support every integration with no extra work

Using hotglue's unified API schema, integrating once means supporting other integrations is as simple as turning them on.

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Build without a learning curve

Integrate with every accounting product via hotglue's unified API schema – bypassing the learning curve for each product.

See the difference

Compare raw data from an accounting system to hotglue's unified API schema.

Raw Data

Choose the source system.

hotglue unified API schema
  "id": "6f3c9546-1ca9-11ed-861d-0242ac120002",
  "invoiceNumber": "001",
  "lineItems": [
      "id": "69fff8fc-1ca9-11ed-861d-0242ac120002",
      "productId": "72f94e9a-1ca9-11ed-861d-0242ac120002",
      "productName": "Banana",
      "description": "Organic Bananas",
      "quantity": 5,
      "unitPrice": 6,
      "totalPrice": 30,
      "discountAmount": 10,
      "taxAmount": 1.8,
      "accountName": "Produce"
  "customerName": "Gates Foundation",
  "customerId": "64c63216-1ca9-11ed-861d-0242ac120002",
  "currency": "USD",
  "issueDate": "2022-08-01T22:40:50Z",
  "dueDate": "2022-08-08T22:40:50Z",
  "paidDate": null,
  "address": {
    "id": "78391098-1ca9-11ed-861d-0242ac120002",
    "line1": "One Microsoft Way",
    "line2": "",
    "line3": "",
    "city": "Redmond",
    "state": "WA",
    "postalCode": "98052",
    "country": "USA"
  "subTotal": 21.8,
  "totalDiscount": 10,
  "totalTaxAmount": 1.8,
  "totalAmount": 30,
  "amountDue": 21.8,
  "status": "Draft",
  "createdAt": "2022-08-01T22:40:50Z",
  "updatedAt": "2022-08-01T22:40:50Z"


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The unified schemas provide a standardized set of objects and fields regardless of the source platform. This makes integrating data easier without having to map completely different APIs.

Yes, if you need a connector that doesn't currently leverage the unified schemas, you can request it by contacting our support email is

In our unified schemas, we provide a custom property that you can utilize to read and write custom fields.

Yes! You can customize the file format of the output and file name pre-fix.

Yes! Feel free to reach out to our team at

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