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hotglue is purpose built for product teams and developers who want native control over their integrations. With embeddable UI components, real-time job logs, and a thorough REST API, building integrations has never been easier for developers.

Embedded White-Label Component

The embeddable white-label component is customizable and easy to implement, so you can get your integrations up and running in no time. Developers can embed our component in either React, JavaScript, or NextJS inside their webapp, with the ability to customize the CSS of the component and make it look completely native.

Embedded White-Label Component

hotglue CLI

Rather than manage your hotglue configuration entirely through the UI, hotglue offers a CLI that makes it possible to manage your configuration programmatically. This way, you can check things like your transformation scripts into source control and deploy them via a CI pipeline following best development practices.

The CLI also contains several utility functions to make working with hotglue easier. You can list tenants, flows, jobs, and even download jobs locally for debugging and testing.

hotglue CLI

Comprehensive Integration-Specific Documentation

Documentation is important when getting your integrations setup. No matter the integration, we provide documentation on how you can get the integrations set up and answer most common pitfalls with specific integrations.

With some integrations, we offer a guide on how an end-user can access their credentials so that product teams can offer documentation to their customers in a quick fashion.

Comprehensive Integration-Specific Documentation

Build Custom Integrations Using the Singer SDK

hotglue's compatibility with the Singer spec allows for developers to build their own connectors to use on hotglue. Using the Singer spec, a developer can build a new integration in a matter of hours, and have it running on hotglue's infrastructure.

Developers will even build connectors for their own platforms, so that hotglue customer's can offer an integration to that product as well.

Build Your Own Integration SDK

Third-Party Sandbox Accounts

For the platforms that we integrate with that do not provide free testing or developer accounts, we often are able to provide a testing account for development purposes. This helps developers set up and test integrations quickly as they can utilize hotglue provided sample payloads to begin setting up the integration.

Third-Party Sandbox Accounts


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You can find documentation about our widget here.

No! You can build your own UI on top of hotglue and use hotglue's APIs on the backend.

You can find documentation about the hotglue CLI here.

hotglue is compatible with all connectors built against the Singer spec. You can find the Singer SDK here.

You can chat with our team here. to learn if we can provide you a sandbox for your next integration!

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