RevMethods helps you go beyond the lead score and close more business cover

RevMethods helps you go beyond the lead score and close more business

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by David Molot

Dec 26th 2022

Key Takeaways

RevMethods proprietary AI platform helps B2B SaaS companies identify and close more deals from the leads Marketing generates that Sales reps often don't see or don't value. In order to provide a valuable tool to sales reps, it is essential for RevMethods to offer a strong catalog of integrations with CRMs and marketing platforms.

So far, RevMethods has leveraged hotglue to offer integrations with platforms including Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, and HubSpot Marketing to their users while minimizing engineering work and maintenance.

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“I think that’s the beauty of what hotglue is doing. hotglue gave us leverage, allowing our CTO to focus on high level architecture and what’s core to us, while hotglue maintains all these integrations.”

Before hotglue

RevMethods helps Sales teams and Marketing teams work in unison, and catches the intent signals your prospects give off that would have otherwise flown under the radar.

Before hotglue, RevMethods was using Zapier to connect to customers CRMs and bring that data in. However, the RevMethods team quickly found that Zapier was:

  1. not scalable enough for their use-case, and
  2. offered a non-intuitive connection experience for end-users, which required them to pass credentials between Zapier, their CRMs, and RevMethods

Once the RevMethods team was ready to scale their integrations library, they began exploring ways to offer their customers powerful native integrations without building everything from scratch. This exploration, led them to the embedded iPaaS space, and ultimately to hotglue.

Evaluating hotglue

When RevMethods was evaluating embedded iPaaS solutions, they were looking for a tool that:

  1. supports the CRM and marketing integrations their customers wanted (Salesforce, HubSpot, and Outreach),
  2. offers reliable data connectors that can sync large volumes of data (more than 2 million records per tenant), and
  3. abstracts away maintenance for integrations, especially around minimizing the required mapping for each integration

When testing hotglue, the RevMethods team was impressed with the stability of the platform as well as the level of support they received while onboarding and testing the connectors.

When evaluating multiple tools, “service and adaptability were big differentiators over a lot of the competitors,” said RevMethods CTO, Ben Wolf.

Furthermore, Brad Myers, co-founder and CEO of RevMethods, emphasized how hotglue felt tailored towards their need for a scalable and seamless integration experience for the end user.

Additionally, RevMethods built against hotglue’s unified Sales schema, allowing them to avoid mapping data for each individual integration. Instead, hotglue handles mapping the data from each CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.) and RevMethods can safely consume it in a consistent format. By building their integrations like this, supporting additional CRM integrations such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Pipedrive will be as simple as turning them on.

Enabling Sales teams to catch more leads

With hotglue, RevMethods is able to offer powerful Sales and CRM integrations and further their goal of maximizing sales opportunities for their end users.

RevMethods won’t stop there, and plans to expand their integrations library to cover more marketing and ads platforms.

If you are interested in accelerating your integration roadmap, find some time to chat with us about hotglue!

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hotglue simplifies the process of building SaaS integrations into your application. With hotglue, teams can stand up integrations in minutes, without dealing with maintenance and data infrastructure.

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