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ProInsight Simplifies Project Budgeting

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by Hassan Syyid

Mar 23rd 2021

Key Takeaways

  • hotglue enables ProInsight to pull Profit and Loss reports and reference data such as Invoices, Products, and Chart of Accounts from Quickbooks
  • hotglue enables ProInsight to send generated project tags to Quickbooks so accountants can tag expenses accurately
  • hotglue has sped up ProInsight product development by months
  • Using hotglue for ProInsight's data integration layer has allowed them to onboard more customers and scale up faster

Data Stack




“hotglue will be pivotal for our future use cases – definitely something we can grow with!”

Streamlining project budgeting and monitoring

ProInsight's easy-to-use budgeting solution helps you better plan the future, get control over your cash flow, and make more strategic financial decisions. With ProInsight, you can sync your plans with your financial and operational data and get a comprehensive view of how you're doing against your planned budget.

Implementing hotglue at ProInsight

Before using hotglue, ProInsight offered robust project budgeting features but had no ability to monitor the real performance of a company/department against their budget. ProInsight's users wanted a direct integration with their accounting system (Quickbooks) which could pull their Profit and Loss statements and determine the performance on a company, department, and project level.

To achieve this, ProInsight needed a tool that had a strong transformation layer that could correlate the data across these various levels, update the data both on-demand and on a schedule, and post the resulting data to a realtime database. They found that hotglue was the ideal product to fulfill their needs.

Building a scalable and actionable solution

Now that ProInsight supports this use case, they are looking to hotglue as their go-to for supporting more integrations and more complex integration workflows. They can now confidently demo their data integration functionality to prospective customers, can dedicate more time to iterating on their core product, and are confident hotglue can scale with their users needs.

With hotglue, ProInsight can quickly onboard their customers and provide them with insight into their company performance.

About the data stack


Shaped by the real-world needs of developers, hotglue is the quickest way to have a fully-functioning pipeline integrated into your SaaS application while retaining control of the transformation layer. hotglue allows you to set up integrations in minutes, abstracts away the maintenance, and handles any adjustments necessary to keep your pipeline running smoothly — so your team can focus on what matters: your product.

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