Inventoro makes your inventory management ready for scale cover

Inventoro makes your inventory management ready for scale

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by David Molot

Sep 7th 2022

Key Takeaways

Inventoro would, on average, spend 6 months developing a new integration in-house and was facing issues with scaling their integration library as fast as they were growing.

The Inventoro team decided to replace their in-house integration team with hotglue’s embedded integration platform, allowing them to build new integrations in a matter of a couple weeks, if not days, while also focusing on building out the core product.

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E-Commerce: Shopify, WooCommerce, Cin7, Shoptet, Ongoing WMS, PrestaShop, Gambio, Maropost, Magento, DearSystems, ShipBob, Quickbutik, Ecwid, Fulfil, Abicart, SKUVault, BigCommerce, ShipHero

ERP: QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Odoo, Bexio, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

“On average, [a new integration] would take us 6 months - with [hotglue] we have 40 different connections in 3 months. You can call [hotglue] a game changer.”

Making your sales forecasting and inventory management ready for scale

Inventoro is an Al-driven forecasting, replenishment, and industry-standard inventory management system.

Their platform helps companies decrease stocked inventory by 40% and increase revenue by 5% using AI-powered recommendations that tell you what your best-selling products are, among other revenue-generating features.

Building integrations in house

Inventoro’s platform relies heavily on data coming in from their client’s e-commerce and ERP systems to power the AI algorithms they use to show these insights.

Whether it is a store-front like Shopify, a warehouse management solution like Ongoing WMS, or an ERP such as NetSuite, there is important information that can be useful in discovering profitable insights for e-commerce businesses.

Since integrations are so central to Inventoro’s value prop, the engineering team started off with an in-house implementation. Each integration would take the Inventoro team “on average 6 months” – this made integrations a significant drain on resources that could have been used towards building out Inventoro’s core product instead.

Never Ending Integration Backlog

Despite the amount of time and effort already invested in build integrations in-house, Inventoro (like many fast growing B2B SaaS products) still had a huge backlog of integration requests from potential customers.

For Inventoro, the equation was simple: the more integrations their platform supports, the more customers they can sell to, and the more they can grow.

Once Inventoro learned of hotglue’s embedded iPaaS platform they were most interested in getting through their backlog of requests as quickly as possible. For them the question was: “Can we offer 40 new integrations within the next 3 months by using hotglue?”

Implementing hotglue and what changed

Given that a single integration built in-house took around 6 months for Inventoro, they were excited at the prospect of reducing this.

Specifically, they were looking for a tool that could:

  1. offer the integrations they wanted to provide their customers,
  2. offer reliable data connectors, and
  3. abstract away maintenance for integrations

Inventoro was able to implement new integrations with hotglue within days of beginning to use the platform! This was a dramatic reduction in the timelines they were used to when building in-house.

Tomas Formanek, CEO of Inventoro, put it simply when he said “because of you guys… we have a bunch of new customers.”

For Inventoro, hotglue has enabled them to quickly and reliably scale their native integrations, and return their focus on building out the core product. Formanek told us that their engineering team “launched 6 new features to their users that they never would have if they were still focused on building integrations [in-house].”

“Because of you guys, you help us to connect to almost 40 different platforms so we have a bunch of new customers. This is quite game changing for us.”

Taking inventory management to unprecedented levels

Inventoro currently has more than 40 hotglue powered integrations in their platform today, and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Every month, new integrations are being added to their platform via hotglue for both new and existing customers. For example, Inventoro will be rolling out new Shipstation and Square integrations amongst others using hotglue!

If you are ready to get your e-commerce integrations rolled out in a matter of days, find some time to chat with us about hotglue!

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