Gigasheet makes working with big data sets accessible to everyone cover

Gigasheet makes working with big data sets accessible to everyone

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by David Molot

Sep 19th 2022

Key Takeaways

Gigasheet’s big data spreadsheet becomes even more powerful when users link their business tools directly to Gigasheet. Knowing this, the Gigasheet team was looking for a way to rapidly expand their data import support for popular B2B SaaS products.

Once the Gigasheet team began using hotglue, they were able to offer integrations such as SFTP, S3, Freshsales, and Salesforce to their users in a matter of days with minimal engineering work.

Data Stack




Connectors: S3, Salesforce, SFTP, Mixpanel, Auth0, Freshsales, PostgreSQL, and more

“We see a lot of different integration requests so what’s cool is that [hotglue has] that whole library, and by extension, we say we can do any of these integrations.” – Jason Hines, CEO of Gigasheet

Making working with big data sets accessible to everyone

Gigasheet is a spreadsheet tool that helps you analyze big data in a spreadsheet, without any database or code.

Specifically, Gigasheet’s platform allows non-technical users to easily pull in or upload data from all the business tools they use daily and sort through millions of rows of data in a matter of minutes, all in the cloud. Once users have imported the relevant data, Gigasheet provides familiar tools for further exploration via filters, pivot tables, and aggregations.

Before hotglue

To get started, Gigasheet users must import their data before they can do any data exploration or analysis.

Before hotglue, Gigasheet users had to generate a data dump from their business tools like Salesforce or Mixpanel, and then upload that data to Gigasheet, and open a huge CSV file. While this was functional, the Gigasheet team quickly realized that this user experience could be significantly better if users could import their data directly from their business tools. This is when Gigasheet began their search for a tool that could not only help them build connectors, but give their users a seamless and native integration experience inside of Gigasheet.

Furthermore, Jason Hines, co-founder and CEO of Gigasheet emphasized how even though they wanted to support a large library of integrations, they “don’t want to take on building and managing individual data connectors. Our developers should remain focused on data exploration and analysis, making Big Data available to everyone ”

Implementing hotglue and what changed

When Gigasheet discovered hotglue, there were a few things they were evaluating the platform on.

Specifically, they were looking for a tool that:

  1. offers the integrations they wanted to provide their customers across a wide array of categories,
  2. offers reliable data connectors that could sync large volumes of data, and
  3. abstracts away maintenance for integrations

When testing hotglue, the Gigasheet team was impressed with the fact they were able to offer a native SFTP and S3 integration to their users in a matter of days.

Additionally, the team was drawn to the fact that hotglue was able to manage Gigasheet’s Salesforce OAuth app on their behalf, allowing Gigasheet users to authenticate their Salesforce accounts in a totally native experience.

By offering a native connection experience to 135+ B2B SaaS products, Gigasheet is able to support customer’s data import requirements while remaining focused on their mission. Stated Hines:

“[hotglue] makes it easier for [Gigasheet] users to get data in from 135+ different systems.” – Jason Hines, CEO of Gigasheet

Enabling users to analyze more data from more sources

With hotglue, Gigasheet is able to offer a host of integrations to their end users, allowing anyone to analyze big data in a matter of minutes, with no technical experience needed.

Gigasheet doesn’t plan to stop there, and is continuing to expand their integration library to give their users an even more powerful experience.

If you are ready to get your integrations catalog set up in a matter of days, find some time to chat with us about hotglue!

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hotglue simplifies the process of building SaaS integrations into your application. With hotglue, teams can stand up integrations in minutes, without dealing with maintenance and data infrastructure.


Gigasheet is the big data cloud spreadsheet that makes it easy to get started analyzing big data. Anyone can sign up for a free account here.

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