Buzzle watches sales calls for you cover

Buzzle watches sales calls for you

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by David Molot

Jan 31st 2022

Key Takeaways

hotglue has significantly minimized the engineering time Buzzle spent on maintaining their data pipeline. With hotglue, Buzzle has been able to focus on building their core product, and feel a sense of security for their future integration plans.

Data Stack




CRMs: Salesforce, Dynamics



“Specifically with CRM data, it’s pretty widely inconsitent how people use and fill their CRMs... being able to quickly modify the ETL script and pull all the data back in minutes is great."

Getting more value out of your customer conversations

Buzzle watches your Gong and Zoom calls for you, highlighting and surfacing key product and marketing insights. Continuously gauge the voice of the customer, track key trends in the market, and highlight where your messaging works best - all automatically with Buzzle.

Building their first integrations in-house

Buzzle had built their own Gong integration before they explored hotglue to offer their users CRM integrations. Buzzle users are able to connect their Gong accounts to data, but the thought of managing multiple integrations quickly became daunting.

Co-founder and CTO of Buzzle Adithya Ramanathan shared that "everytime we have to adjust [our integrations], specifically this type of data, the most irritating part is that it is not convenient to rerun and backfill data."

As Buzzle began servicing more customers, the integration requests started to come flying in. With knowing what it takes to not only build, but manage integrations, the Buzzle team understood that the integration work in front of them would require significant work.

This lead the Buzzle team to begin exploring options on how to manage their integrations as they began to scale.

Implementing hotglue and what changed

Given the understanding of the engineering undertaking adding CRM integrations to Buzzle would be, the team needed a way to abstract away the work of building and maintaining integrations.

Specifically, they were looking for a tool that could:

  1. scale the breadth of their integrations,
  2. handle data standardization for a variety of custom data, and
  3. allow Buzzle to keep their data model consistent

For Buzzle, hotglue was a no-brainer. Not only did it make providing CRM integrations easy, but it also allowed for the team to continue using their internal data model by utilizing hotglue’s standarization layer, decreasing the engineering work required to handle the data coming in from the various CRMs.

With hotglue implemented, Buzzle is now able to support more integrations and dream bigger.

Ramanathan said that hotglue allows them to envision how they can expand “[Buzzle’s integrations] even further, pulling application usage data... your Amplitudes, your Fullstorys, etc., and see if [Buzzle] can really drive that data synthesis all the way from your first discovery call to how a 6 month old customer is using your product.”

Additionally, hotglue has given Buzzle the ability to quickly support new types of data, for new and exisiting customers. With hotglue, the Buzzle team is able to quickly edit an integration’s field mapping to include a new type of data, and run a full resync of that data in order to back fill all the necessary data for that customer in a matter of minutes.

Building a solution for scale

Buzzle has been able to expand their integration offerings by utilizing hotglue to handle its data integration pipeline. They now support connecting more data sources than before, have a more robust data ingestion system, and can dedicate more time to serving the core value they provide their customers, customer call analysis.

Making great use of hotglue, Buzzle is serving more customers across a wider breadth of integrations with a fraction of the work – enabling them to help more organizations improve customer calls then ever before.

About the data stack


hotglue simplifies the process of building sophisticated & scalable SaaS integrations into your application. With hotglue, teams can stand up integrations in minutes, without dealing with maintenance and data infrastructure.


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