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hotglue update vol.3

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by David Molot

Mar 24th 2021

Hello from the hotglue team! This is part of an ongoing series of posts where we keep track of our updates and milestones. You can also follow us more closely on IndieHackers!

What is hotglue?

For those of you who are new around here, hotglue is a data integration tool that helps developers and engineering teams get customer data into their B2B product.

hotglue embeds into B2B apps, allowing for these developers and teams to offer more integrations, clean and transform the data, and create a seamless experience for their users to connect data. hotglue allows any developer to build a data integration pipeline in minutes without months of development and maintenance.

1+ million rows processed

We recently hit a milestone here at hotglue – we have now processed over one millions rows of data for our customers! While this is only the beginning, we are proud to have gotten here while being completely bootstrapped. We are excited to keep building towards our vision of the future of data integration.

Apprio case study

We have also published a new case study with Apprio, a project budgeting solution looking to help make it easier for companies to get control over their cashflow, and make more strategic financial decisions. You can check out our case studies on our site.

What's next?

In the next few weeks, we will be releasing an open-source project that we are excited to share with everybody. Stay tuned on our Twitter to see when we release it!

Want to learn more about hotglue?

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