hotglue melt: July 2022 cover

hotglue melt: July 2022

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by Hassan Syyid

Aug 1st 2022

Hi hotgluers!

Welcome to our sixth hotglue melt - we have got some awesome updates to share!

Product Updates 🚀

Updated Landing Pages 🎨

We have updated our landing pages to more closely match our brand and explain the possible use-cases for hotglue. This includes an interactive preview of the new hotglue widget, more emphasis on the developer experience, updated graphics, and more. See a preview below:


Updated integrations ⚙️

image (12).png

In July, our integrations team focused on expanding our unified schemas and library of targets (integrations that push data to other platforms). Notably we have released new versions of targets that use the unified schemas: Salesforce, HubSpot, Xero, and NetSuite.

Additionally, we have released new Magento v1, Wix, GitHub, and Stripe taps that feature better performance and data models. We also released improvements to the Facebook Ads, Amazon Seller, Prestashop, Chargebee, HubSpot, Magento, and Zendesk taps.

See the full list →

New features and improvements 🔨

Outside of our awesome redesign, the team made several improvements including:

  • Added support for the gluestick to_singer function to enhance support for typing and setting primary keys when pushing data to targets

  • Added support for using both and etl.ipynb formats for ETL scripts

  • @hotglue/widget package updates

    • Added a hideFlows option to hide flow containers in the Connections component
    • Added class names to customize styling on the Connections component
    • Updated text under Quick Actions section in widget
    • Fixed compatibility issues with NextJS
    • Fixed bugs with unlinking connected integrations
  • Added command to delete deployed ETL scripts to hotglue CLI

  • Fixed timeout issues when downloading long job logs

  • Added optional upsert option to toggle sync schedule endpoint to apply default schedule to all tenants

  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

    • Fixed issue with flow icons being expired/disappearing
    • Added error message to explain when OAuth window pop-up is blocked
    • Improved error message detection logic in jobs

Next up 📈

Here are some things to look forward to in the next updates:

  • Mapping in the widget
  • Real-time triggers for sync jobs
  • Job Metrics for both past & running jobs

If you have anything you would like hotglue to focus on in the near future, you can send us suggestions at

See you next month! 👋